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Hardscaping Services

Upgrade Your Property with Hardscaping Services

During most visits, lawn care services focus on things like mowing and edging the lawn. These visits may also include hedge trimming. Some services may also offer fertilizer application for the lawn so that it stays green through challenging weather.


If you are satisfied with the general properties of your yard, these lawn care services are usually all you need to keep it looking great. However, if you'd like it to be more useful or impressive, it might be time to look into hardscaping services. These are often offered by the same companies that do landscape maintenance.


Hardscaping refers to outdoor elements that are made of hard, durable materials. Walkways, patios, home decks, pool decks, and decorative walls are just some of the types of things that fall into this category. Well-appointed yards typically have at least a walkway present, and many have a patio or deck as well.


Visually, walkways and patios provide a solid barrier between where the grass is growing and where people will walk. This makes both areas look neat, and with good maintenance, they make it more obvious when a yard is well cared for. In practical terms, hardscaping makes walking safer. There are no surprise bumps in a well-maintained walkway, and soil can't spill down unexpectedly if there is a retaining wall holding it back.


Hardscaping services often focus on the installation of elements like these, but they also provide important maintenance. A yearly power washing keeps hard elements looking great, keeps them free of slippery algae, and when applicable, gets them ready for an application of sealant or stain. Ask your lawn care services company about both installation and maintenance when it's time to upgrade your yard.

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