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Will Landscaping Services Do Yard Clean Up?

The most common type of yard clean up job involves taming a yard that has become overgrown through lack of maintenance. Houses and businesses whose owners have been away for a long time often need this type of work. The same goes for rental properties that haven't had a tenant, foreclosures, or properties that belong to those who have become unable to do yard work themselves.


In these cases, many landscaping services do indeed have options for yard clean up. This type of service costs extra because it can involve a lot more work and time than a standard maintenance stop. It's also harder on the equipment, and in some cases, special equipment or procedures are needed. For example, an unknown property may need to be string-trimmed all over rather than mown because it's not yet possible to see any obstacles that may be hidden in the grass. Special trimmer line is also needed for thicker weeds.


Of course, landscaping services recommend that a regular maintenance schedule be set up after the original clean-up is complete. Then, the property won't just get overgrown again in a month.


The other kind of yard clean-up is the type that is needed after a big storm comes through. Then, the material in the yard can be much different from the normal overgrowth. Fallen trees, building debris, and more may need to be removed. This type of clean-up typically is not handled by a landscaping firm. Instead, a tree removal and general debris clean-up service is needed first. They will take care of the large materials and either grind them up or haul them away. After they leave with the debris, landscaping services can come in, replant bushes, and otherwise help restore the landscape to its original beauty.

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