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Lawn Care Fertilization

Why Hire a Lawn Care Fertilization Service?

Properly fertilizing a lawn typically involves going out three or four times a year with a spreader and granular fertilizer. The spreader is then run over the lawn in a pattern similar to lawn mowing. It is also possible to fertilize using liquids that are sprayed on the lawn. Why would you bother to hire a service for this?


One of the reasons to hire a service to do lawn care fertilization is to ensure that it happens on schedule. Most people get busy doing other things in between fertilizing sessions, and it's easy to forget about the lawn when the time comes around again. This leads to sporadic or missed treatments, and the looks of the lawn can suffer.


The other reason is the same one that drives the choice to use services for other things. That is the desire to not have to do the work at all. There's no need to get out there and sweat when a company will come and do your lawn care fertilization for you. Companies often use liquid fertilizers, too, and this lets them get the job done faster than you would.


Finally, it can be confusing to determine which fertilizers are best for your lawn. Many suggest having your soil tested and then making your own custom mix according to the results. This is a hassle at best, and it can involve using math formulas just to know how much of each thing to put down. Using lawn care services near me makes it so that you don't have to do any of this. They'll figure everything out, whether by the math or by their experience with nearby lawns. This is a lot easier!

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